Why Do I Work From Home?

I was asked today by someone, “Why do you work from home Alicia? Don’t you miss going to work at a real job”?

My answer was the following,

Let me ask you one question, ” Who signs your paycheck?”. With a puzzled look on her face I rephrased my answer.

“Blank, when we were younger we were all taught in school to get an education and get a good job, and work for someone else’s dream 40/5 and retire at 65. Right?”. She answered, “Yes”.

“I asked you who signs your paycheck, and you don’t even know. I work for myself to give my husband and I a better life. I choose to write my monthly income and have a residual income as well. I may be working my butt of for the next 3-4 years bur I will be retired and living the life you wish you had.”

She was dumbfounded. No words to say.

The greatest benefit of my business is that I have my fingers in the cutting edge scientific technology breakthrough that your going to start hearing more about and I’m in on the ground , with the only way from here is up!

Plus I get to help others with improved performance, lifestyle and decrease financial stress.

Whoo, Whoop p

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