Book Review: Work Smarter Not Harder by Timo Kiander

I just finished finished reading the book,  ” Work Smarter Not Harder.. 18 Productive Tips That Boost Your Work Day”.

I found this book to be enlightening and challenging to me , and it made me think about the  way I have approached approached productivity.   What were some of the key points that I took away from this book?

To have a solid foundation for personal productivity the following blocks must be in place;

▪ Proper mindset
▪ Physical Activity
▪ Optimum Nutrition
▪ Enough Sleep

He also offers awesome tips on how to incorporate these things into your day.  Distractions are important to “keep at bay” his words not mine.  Planning out the week, each day is a real time saver.

All in all I found this book to be very informative.  Not just for an entrepreneur, but also anyonewho needs to be more productive with time, work and in life.

I give this book a thre out of four.  Download it today qnd and get busy being productive!

Gain The Advantage!

Be The Leader You Are,

Alicia Osmera
Internet Marketing Consultant
Business Owner
Phone 720-621-0258

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