Wanting What You Can’t Have!

Why is what you want but can’t have more appealing than what you can have?

People desire what they can’t have because it’s the easy way out.  The attainable requires hard work while fantasizing about what we can’t have is as easy as day dreaming.  When you take away something that is nearly attainable it triggers these latent desires and inspires an emotional reaction, which leads to a decision.

Think of a time when something you wanted was taken away from you and how you reacted to it.  Were you willing to work harder for it more than ever before you lost it?

                  SALES MENTALITY


  • Is an order taker (customer service oriented)                               Is a facilitator and problem solver
  • Aims to please others                                                                         Aims to win (isn’t afraid to say no)
  • Is constantly speaking interrupts customers                                Is constantly asking questions

A closer is goal oriented and views each sales call or contact as a step towards the goals he or she has set, not as the goal itself.  A closer is self-confident, drawing from internal motivation to stay positive throughout monthly sales cycles.  The work ethic is more success oriented than a salesperson.

  •  Shows up early, stays late to accomplish the task before them.
  • Not only wants to outsell peers, wants to out perform them as well
  • Understands that every “NO” is one step closer to a “YES”
  • The more they contact others, means more opportunities and more sales
  • Sets daily, weekly, monthly goals and ACHIEVES THEM!

Staying consistent is the same with every sales pitch in any business.  Any leader in an entrepreneurship will agree with me.  Do it the same way every single time. CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY!

Don’t  let false positives keep you from moving forward with your aspirations.  Any sale can be redirected and learning to overcome the objections is the hard part.  Some people just won’t step up to the plate and buy what your selling.  At least you can hold your head up high at the end of the day knowing you’ve done your best.

Gain The Advantage,

Alicia Osmera

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