Overcoming Objections In Network Marketing

Objections, objections, OBJECTIONS!! Stop the objections already! Or as I refer to it (I need more information and I don’t know how to ask the right question). We all get objections from time to time. Family, friends, co-workers, even people we meet on the “street”. When they ask “What do you do for a living”? I tell them that I am a network marketer, I get the “deer caught in the headlights look”. I’m sure you have experienced this also.
If you think of the objection more as a way to look for more information, you will usually get a better response and they are more open to what you have to say.


“Isn’t that a Pyramid Scheme and aren’t those illegal?” This presents my opportunity to “pounce” so to speak on them and move full speed ahead with REMOVING the objection that lies before me.

First thing is to ask them to clarify what they mean by illegal?
Then once they explain my conversation goes like this—-

“I want to ask you a question. Does your boss own the company or does he run it”? Most of the time I get; “He just works for the owner and runs it” reply. Then I ask them, “Who does”? You would be shocked at the number of people that don’t know who owns the company and who is signing there paycheck. “There’s an owner of for your company, right? And who’s underneath them? The vice president, chief executive officer are, right?”

YES — Here is your chance to draw out the comparison of network marketing verses corporate America. Once you draw out the pyramid and place everyone where there supposed to be on it then ask them, “Get the picture”?


People at the top make all the money, no one beneath them makes a dime!

You could reply by saying this; “That’s the best part of starting my own business. Everyone starts out as an equal and can advance in the company anytime without any limitations. When you ask your boss for a raise or a promotion do you get it”?


They had a bad experience.

Try to probe them for a little more information about their bad experience. Was it just because they didn’t have the right mentorship? They didn’t make money, didn’t like the products or didn’t want to put in the work it takes to become successful.
You can reply with; “Oh I know how it is. This isn’t my first rodeo with network marketing. I’ve done several others and I can tell you from experience that this is the first time I am making money! I love my up line the training and mentoring are just the icing on the cake. And I am a successful at it”! “Do you want to know more information”?

Engage them into the conversation by asking questions.
For example
1) Oh yes what do you know about the industry?
2) Have you been in network marketing before? Tell me about your experience(s).
If there still skeptical I always go back to the best eye opener I found that works well.
**Have you ever heard of Amway? Do you know how long they have been in business? They’ve been around a long time. 50 years!
If this industry doesn’t work, then how have they survived this long even in the biggest economic downfall of America?


Ask them what they think makes a successful marketing company? Say to them, “If I can show you _______ (there name and fill in what they just told you) would you be willing and open to take a look at my opportunity?

Make sure to listen to them. Be a good listener! Listen for their needs, wants and hearts desires. For it will surely lead you to the promised land of success.

17 thoughts on “Overcoming Objections In Network Marketing

  1. Joy Healey

    Hi Alicia,
    Well over the past few years I have tried several different business models to earn an online income, but the only model that showed me any kind of profit was network marketing. But people do need to find a company that suits their interest and the time / budget they can commit to it, otherwise they’re setting themselves up for failure.
    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark


  2. Janice Wald

    Hi Alicia,
    We seem to travel in the same circles. I know Dr. Erica, Lesly, Mandy, and many other people here. I also know Gary. I met you on his site. You commented on my feature. Thank you so much.
    In response to what you wrote: You and I are fairly like-minded. I also teach people how to make money. I also have another post coming out in the coming months about how to make money.
    Maybe you can check out my site. If you click “archives: monetization: you’ll be able to see my monetization tips.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. drerica

    Hi Alice,
    I agree with Lesly. I used to be upset when people weren’t interested in what I am offering. Now, I quietly say to myself: “Next”. But I used to give up immediately. Now at least I might ask a few more probing questions to see if there is some way I might interest them. I had a speakers on my summit who found the Jotform to be too difficult or troublesome. They actually were ready to drop out and not be interviewed. But I listened and found a way to make it easy and agreeable to them – and they stayed and did a wonderful interview. I have learned to accept “No” and then offer to make it easy for the person if they reconsider. If not, I thank them for their time. But some people soften their view when they feel they have an easy out – and then they may become more receptive. Human nature is fascinating.

    Dr. Erica


  4. Mandy Allen

    I used to be aware of Amway here in the UK but it seems not to be so popular here now. I don’t even know if it is still in this country. I think network marketing has got a bad press because of, as you say, poor mentorship. There have been some inexperienced leaders and the people at the bottom didn’t get the right support to move their businesses forward.

    Enjoy the journey!

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  5. Ruth Bowers

    So many people have a negative opinion of network marketing, sometimes it seems all you can do is educated and help them overcome their own objections.


  6. emi

    Hi Alicia, yes there are so many of them, I heard them all when I was into the network marketing. The truth is people are scared to take the responsibility in a new unknown direction.


  7. Sueblimely Sue Bride

    Unfortunately many people are closed minded and will not change their opinions. Sure there are scams out there with schemes that offer money for no work. Network marketing does take work but do it right and it does pay off.


  8. Lesly Federici RN (@usmile)

    Hi Alicia,
    People will always have objectives to just about anything. I don’t bother with these anymore. People do what they’re going to do and get interested in something when there’s a need for it. I just say now, well you’re decision. When you start trying to convince people they run. When you peak their curiosity, you get attention.



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