Balancing Act

     Having a home business is challenging.  When life interrupts  the business you’re trying to build, that’s an even bigger challenge. Kids, pets, siblings, parents, neighbors, friends, co worker’s can make or break your business mindset.

Business mindset is the most important thing a person can have to gain success in whatever opportunity they’ve chosen to pursue. 

  How can a person improve a negative mindset to a positive one?  Oh, I known that you’ve heard it a thousand times before but it’s true;  listening to uplifting and motivational speakers, reading books to improve your mind, exercising,  be around your mentors,  learn from them and duplicate whatever they are doing to be successful.

What about a negative spouse? 

With negative distractions I have learned that I need to love, to love on that person no matter what.
Slowly introduce them to the idea of an entrepreneurs way of thinking.  Remember that we all were programmed at a young age to get a good education,  have a great career and retire.  That’s the mindset they are using.  To unlearn all that takes time and effort.  You are the one who’s willing to go through the actions that it takes to change your mindset and be successful, not them.

Balance Your Time

How can you balance time for family, your spouse,  building your business,  meetings and everything else?

Make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to start with little changes before moving on to bigger ones.  Read for 15 minutes a day, create one content a day for social media,  exercise, make 3-5 contacts about your opportunity daily.

I am certain  that if you need to be held accountable for making positive changes in your life that your sponsor,  upline or whatever they’re called will support you.

Yes I have a negative influence in my life.  I choose to be loving, giving and drop hints once in a while with a positive message.

I believe in YOU!


What I Learned From Mel Robbins

Last week I attend the Global Convention for my main Network Marketing company, Lifevantage.

Two keynote speakers were Eric Worre and Mel Robbins. If you’ve never seen or heard them speak you need to. Especially if you’re a professional networking marketer. I learned valuable lessons from both of them. I will share Eric Worre another time with you.

Are you familiar with the 5 Second Rule?

Mel Robbins started a revolutionary concept quit a while ago by creating the 5 second rule. Everything comes down to making a decision. What to eat, what to wear, should you workout, should you stay or should you go. Our brains lead us to how we “feel” while we are making decisions.

Example; “I really should go workout”. You know it’s good for you, you know you need to; however if you wait to long you will screw yourself out of doing it by conveniencing yourself that “you don’t feel like it”.

Give yourself 5 seconds to make a decision!! It’s basically the principle of “now or never”.

Move That Mountain!

The definition of a mountain:

A mountain is a large landform that stretches above the surrounding land in a limited area, usually in the form of a peak. A mountain is generally steeper than a hill. Mountains are formed through tectonic forces or volcanism. These forces can locally raise the surface of the earth. Mountains erode slowly through the action of rivers, weather conditions, and glaciers. A few mountains are isolated summits, but most occur in huge mountain ranges.

High elevations on mountains produce colder climates than at sea level. These colder climates strongly affect the ecosystems of mountains: different elevations have different plants and animals. Because of the less hospitable terrain and climate, mountains tend to be used less for agriculture and more for resource extraction and recreation, such as mountain climbing.


Mountains can be beautiful and majestic when you’re looking at them. Climbing a mountain takes a lot of preparation, training, and skill set. Just like becoming an independent business owner in network marketing. We must take the time to prepare our minds for success. Be willing to attend training, conventions, webinars, podcasts, skyping, and so forth.
Developing the skills necessary to become successful doesn’t happen overnight.


What we do today to change negative habits will reflect in our attitudes, speech, postures, and business. What things are you doing to prepare yourself for change? Reading books helps with developing a positive mindset, listening to CDs of motivational speakers, reading scriptures, and exercising the body and the mind.


Take action! Don’t just sit at the bottom of the mountain wishing you could get to the top.
Find out what equipment is necessary to climb the mountain and go do it!

Yes, we all get discouraged from time to time. Even the top pros in Network Marketing have had their turns of being discouraged, disheartened, and feeling like giving up. Did they quit?
Did they turn around and drive off never to conquer that mountain? NO, THEY DID NOT!

Ask any top-level network marketer in your company if they ever felt like they couldn’t climb the mountain. You shouldn’t be surprised at their reply.


When does one know that they’ve conquered the mountain? How high is the mountain that you are looking at? Are there a lot of peaks and valleys along the way?
Baby steps take us to teenage steps, and teenage steps take us to adulthood.

Move That Mountain!

Keep moving forward! Do whatever it takes to reach the top so you can stand on the highest point and yell, “I MADE THE MOUNTAIN MOVE”

As Always,

Gain The Advantage!

Alicia Osmera



Are you as bombarded with bogus inquiries on line about your ‘business opportunity”?

Sometimes I think people are just board on the internet and this is the new; “ring the doorbell and run” prank that we used to play as kids to homeowners.

Sometimes you can tell when there is a fake lead from your auto responder and sometimes you can’t. (Example, Name: OJ Huxtable, Phone: 888-515-5555, Email Now really is this for real? I think not. I wouldn’t even attempt to waste my time or energy to even pursue this as a credible business partner let alone a lead!

Let’s discuss what makes a credible lead? Name, Phone Number, Email all these can be fake, phony, no good, and so on. How do you tell if it is credible?

The best advice I can give:

What about the name. Does it seem somewhat normal? (Joe, Jim, Candy, Amanda) I think you get the picture.

What about the phone number?

If you have a list of area codes for the United States that’s not to hard to figure out. A great site for information is All Area ( All Area Codes. Com ).

What about the email address?

Bogus email addresses are used more then they are less and with identity theft as big as it is; people are scared to even leave a good email address to contact them at. Are you protecting your identity? Do you use a system such as Legal Shield’s Identity Theft Program? Contact Anita Corrigan at Anita Corrigan Legal Shield. Or do you use Life Lock? Life Lock Of course there are other’s but these are the only two the are recommended by Donald Trump!! (No politics here but he is a great business man).

Well than what’s the answer?

Be wise and go with your “gut” instincts. The gut never lies! It’s pretty easy to tell a real serious interested client than someone just playing jokes on you. Is there a simple solution to the problem? YES!

Protect Yourself

  • Encrypt a current email address: Another way to protect your email privacy is to use Thunderbird with Enigmail; Mac Mail with GPGTools; Outlook with GPG4Win. These tools allow you to encrypt a current email address and offer a suite of security enhancements to ensure that your data is being protected. Warning: these tools require some tech-savvy and can be tough to figure out.
  • Use a secure email provider! There are a number of email providers that have a model for providing top-notch security for free or for a nominal fee. The following tools provide a secure VPN for all internet browsing, a USB-key necessary email entry, and free email protection for your smartphone (iOS or Android) respectively: Unspyable, Countermail, stop spam email and Shazzle.
  • Filter your spam (and keep your favorite inbox) If you are one of the many email users who doesn’t enjoy having a full inbox, especially one chock full of spam, you can create various filters to put particular emails into different inboxes. According to The Online Privacy Blog The Online Privacy Blog (In our survey, 39% of people say they set up filters in their email to automatically delete and stop spam.This technique is not only helpful for keeping spam out, but also keeping track of important emails (like bills). Most times, the ability to create filters is located in your email client’s “settings” menu, and the filters can be created based on specific words, addresses, subject lines, groups of people, and many other criteria. This is a nice stop gap solution to stop spam from getting to your inbox. )
  • Unsubscribe Even if the techniques above seem like too much effort, at the very least, unsubscribe from the emails that simply stuff your inbox. Most marketing emails that you find are just sent far too frequently will have an option at the bottom saying something like “Unsubscribe” or “Remove Me.”Clicking “Unsubscribe” usually takes you to an external website that lets you unsubscribe from receiving any further email from that particular sender. Make sure you click the option that completely removes you and doesn’t just limit emails.

Unsubscribing is one of the easiest ways to cut down the amount of spam entering your inbox on a daily basis, and over half of those we surveyed–51%–report unsubscribing to deal with spam.

Irritating as it may be solutions to the problems always exists.

As Always,

Gain The Advantage!

Alicia Osmera

footnotes: Email data is from The Online Privacy Blog The Only Privacy Blog

3 Survival Tips For Your First Convention

So you’re getting excited because you’re going to attend your first LifeVantage convention. How will you survive without all the comforts of home? Conventions can be an exciting time; as well as exhausting. By the time you travel to the convention, get to your hotel, get to the conference site, registration, and so much more what could you possible forget?

Let me just say that having a handy useful guide can be a relief!

Survival Kit


Notebook – Take notes, explore your light bulb ideas
Highlighters – For lighting those light bulb ideas
Sharpie Pen – Any color will do for signatures and marking those new products in the catalog
Lifesavers – The candy kind, unless you’re on a boat convention
Snacks – Be sure to keep healthy snacks in your briefcase, purse or whatever you carry. Stay energized and pumped up!
Business Cards – 100 should do unless you think you need more. Be sure to collect other contacts as well. You never know when you will need their help with something in their neck of the woods.


Dress Professionally – Dress comfortably but professionally. Jeans with holes and ripped shirts, sagging pants won’t make a great impression on others who are there to learn how to run their businesses and be more successful.

Plan Ahead – There should be a list of literary with your registration on-line.  Look it over ahead of time and plan the events that you want to attend.

Schedule – Schedule time for yourself to socialize while you’re there. Try to arrange a time to meet with your team’s up-line and offer to buy them a cocktail, coke or coffee. Probe their mind for ways to achieve  your success.

Alcohol Intake – Remember this is not a party! Conduct yourself in business fashion and remember that moderation is the key.

Enjoy Yourself

Yes you are there to get renewed and refreshed; however remember to have fun and meet new people.
We’ve talked about survival gear, preparation and now the most important part.


Safety is your number one key to a successful outcome.

• If possible don’t walk alone or travel alone. Never say you’re alone when someone is persistently asking you who you are, where you’re from and why you are there. Don’t hesitate to lie. Keep your senses around you and aware.
• When leaving the convention site don’t wear your name badge for everyone to see. It tells people who, what and where you are.
• Wear minimal jewelry Try not to attract too much attention to yourself. A lot of flashy jewelry attracts attention and predators which make you an easy target.
• Don’t give out your room number to people you don’t personally know
• Don’t leave any valuables in the room
• Lock up any luggage
• NEVER, NEVER give the front desk your credit card information to any one. Especially if someone is calling the phone in your room saying there from the front desk. It’s a Scam.
• Last but not least – NEVER, NEVER turn in your room key card! It contains personal information. If you must turn it in then ask for a pair of scissors and cut it in half.


Budget beneath your means and try not to spend all your time and money in the LV shop. Have a great convention and let’s …..