Balancing Act

     Having a home business is challenging.  When life interrupts  the business you’re trying to build, that’s an even bigger challenge. Kids, pets, siblings, parents, neighbors, friends, co worker’s can make or break your business mindset.

Business mindset is the most important thing a person can have to gain success in whatever opportunity they’ve chosen to pursue. 

  How can a person improve a negative mindset to a positive one?  Oh, I known that you’ve heard it a thousand times before but it’s true;  listening to uplifting and motivational speakers, reading books to improve your mind, exercising,  be around your mentors,  learn from them and duplicate whatever they are doing to be successful.

What about a negative spouse? 

With negative distractions I have learned that I need to love, to love on that person no matter what.
Slowly introduce them to the idea of an entrepreneurs way of thinking.  Remember that we all were programmed at a young age to get a good education,  have a great career and retire.  That’s the mindset they are using.  To unlearn all that takes time and effort.  You are the one who’s willing to go through the actions that it takes to change your mindset and be successful, not them.

Balance Your Time

How can you balance time for family, your spouse,  building your business,  meetings and everything else?

Make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to start with little changes before moving on to bigger ones.  Read for 15 minutes a day, create one content a day for social media,  exercise, make 3-5 contacts about your opportunity daily.

I am certain  that if you need to be held accountable for making positive changes in your life that your sponsor,  upline or whatever they’re called will support you.

Yes I have a negative influence in my life.  I choose to be loving, giving and drop hints once in a while with a positive message.

I believe in YOU!


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