You Just Need To Change One Letter

Reaction or creation?

Reaction is defined as, an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event.

Creation is defined as, the act of producing or causing to exsist.

It is amazing to me that if you change just one letter in a word, you can change the meaning of that word.

When you first start out with an idea, this becomes the creation.  Acting out on that creation, leads to a reaction or reactions to set things into motion.

When were faced with fears, decisions,  unsurities,  feelings of despair and wanting to quit what we’ve already achieved; it’s how we react to the situation that decides the answers to our future.

Are  you faced with a situation that is life changing?
How are or how have you reacted to a past situation?
Was it a positive or negative reaction?

Create a positive impact on the world, and watch the reaction that follows.

Gain The Advantage!

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