Hiding From Your Dreams


Have you been hiding from your dreams?

When you were younger you had dreamsDreams of going to college, obtaining a degree, getting married, starting a family, or maybe starting your own business?  Whatever your dreams are or where it’s not too late to achieve them.

For example — 

I dreamed of going to Oral Roberts University to study music or medicine.   Instead, I met my husband in high school,  got married, and raised a family.   My focus changed by choosing a career in respiratory therapy.  I was still doing something in the medical field with a rewarding feeling, being able to help save lives and educate others about health and wellness.



Now my dreams are changed.  My first book is about to be published, becoming an active entrepreneur to live life on my own terms.  Work when I want, where I want.   To help others’ dreams of success become a reality that is my new dream and together we will GAIN THE ADVANTAGE!

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