Who Will Hear Me?


Something has been weighing on my heart.

I had an opportunity to speak at the Colorado Society For Respiratory Care’s annual conference the beginning of this month.

How fasinating it was to be speaking infront of my former colleagues and physicians about the newest catagory breakthrough in medicine.

Then the bomb dropped!

“We regret to inform you we will not be able to have you and Dr. Anita Corrigan speak at this years confrence.  Due to the fact that Dr. Corrigan is not an MD and an ND, your respiratory license has expired and your credentialed as a CRT we can’t give the students there continued education according to the AARC guidlines “.


Thats the only word I can come up with to put things nicely.   The hugest breakthrough in medical technology and all because

     1.  It’s not a drug it’s a supplement.
     2.  Dr. Corrigan isn’t an MD and therefore her ND credentials don’t matter.
     3.  The credential of CRT (certified respiratory therapist) is no longer recognized and respected by the respiratory community.   One must be a RRT (registered respiratory therapist) to share important information with this community.

Who will hear me?

A new catagory in medicine is here.

  Nrf2 technology is changing the game.  Protandim is the only patented supplement to reduce inflammation by 40% in 30 days. And the studies that have been done are scientific evidence that it works.  Pubmed.gov http://www.pubmed.gov has all the government and private studies done by universities to prove it does what it says.

I could let this detour me from my passion to change the world one person’s health at a time, or keep charging forward and pursuing those like minded people who want to bring change into the world.

Never Quit

I will never quit!  Now with Nrf1 added to Nrf2 health care as we know it will have a one, two punch to getting health, looking better, feeling better and performing better.  Turbo charging those mitochondria and making your own free radicals at an exuberant rate is possible.

Don’t believe me.

Watch this AbcPrimetime report

The time is now.  Opportunity is here.
Who will hear me?

Gain The Advantage!

3 Comments on “Who Will Hear Me?

  1. So sad that a breakthrough has been discovered to change people’s lives and people are interested in credentials.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care


  2. Monopoly game AMA plays with big pharma. Who cares what your creditials are? This is kinda part of my frustration with the establishment….I,hear you and appreciate innovation in modern medicine. Someone with an agenda, big ego or plan stupidity blocked your talk….that is opinion. Thanks for truly caring


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