Striking Up Conversations Form Business Alliances

Oh My Gosh!   Here is it week number five of the PAC Blogging Carnival.  


I have never had a problem talking to people.  You could consider me being a social butterfly.  I love to move around the room at a party or get together and meet and greet people.  Connecting with people is fascinating to me .  Finding out where they’re from, what they do, how much did she pay for those shoes all goes through my mind.  Getting the first word in gives me an edge on building a trusting relationship, if even only for a few minutes.

Once I made up my mind to become a serious blogger I started making connections with other bloggers who shared the same values, provided their readers with integrity and honest articles.  

One of my  PAC fellow authors Barrie Evans writes about developing alliances and value with cooperation in business.  Relationships help us to build a solid  foundation in our business practices.




Sometimes I myself forget that I too am able to obtain all of my goals.  Meeting and connecting with the Power Affiliate Club has given me a new edge on blogging and learning from some of the best in the business.

For Example

 Claudia Peevy is great with showing others attraction marketing.  Check out her site I think you will be impressed.

 Emi Koulev I really admire her style of writing. Recently she published her first book The Cake Decorating Series Of Sugarcraft is informative and gives great details into working with fondant and cake decorating. 

Building these relationships has been fun and exciting for me.  I am meeting new people from all walks of life.  I haven’t met each one of the personally and who knows if I ever will, the one thing I can testify to is that because of building these alliances I am becoming a better communicator, writer and friend.

I cherish each and every person I meet along the way. Listening, smiling and taking advice as well as dishing it out.  My journey is still on going and I am by far an expert on blogging.  Continue to read on with me and I write away to new things.


Alicia Osmera







6 thoughts on “Striking Up Conversations Form Business Alliances

  1. Hi Alicia

    I do know that forming alliances has so much benefit and you have shared your experience which is just awesome Without networking with others, there is so much that we lose.

    Thank you for this post. Take Care

  2. I think having the desire to network and being able to open up to other people is a real gift Alicia. It’s obvious that you have these gifts! Another gift you have is being what I like to call, “humble and teachable.” Without having this attitude, you wouldn’t be able to learn much or go very far because you would have the attitude that you already know everything. If someone says they know everything, or has that attitude, there is nothing more you can do for them. They are like a brick wall.

    Continue learning, growing and sharing with others — imagine where you will be in a year? Three years? Five years?

    Best wishes Alicia!


  3. Hi Alicia,
    Wheen you want to learn something you go where the people are and it opens a whole new world. So glad we met online and we’ve gotten to know each other better! And your blog is better, writing better.. it’s all because you reached out to learn and you can ONLY get better as you learn new things. It always amazes me the variety of blogs out there.. something to learn from all of them, Much love and success to you 🙂

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