Monthly Archives: August 2016

Yesterday I finally sat down to watch this epic movie Shindler’s List. Finding it to a powerful film with telling the true story of the persecution and hatred the Jewish people endured during World War II. This period of history is known as The Holocaust.  In 1933 a man known as Adolph Hitler came into power.  Chancellor over the German people.  Hating the Jewish people so much he wanted to see them extinct.  Oskar Schindler… Read More

How often do you take time to reflect on your life? Reflecting back on progress that one has made in business,  personal growth,  love life in general can be a healthy thing to do. It allows one to take a look back and see how far they’ve come toward obtaining their goals. As I’ve been looking back on the past articles I’ve posted putting forth the effort, hard work and connecting with other… Read More

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