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Michael Hyatt says it best We’re not being selfless when we avoid promoting our product. We’re just undercutting our own mission and creating an opportunity for someone else to take our place.  As I connect with other network marketer’s I’ve found it more common that people are shy about using and sharing the products they endorse. 1. Belief In Yourself  Do you believe in yourself?   Do you know that you have the… Read More

During the last four weeks I have been involved in the Power Affiliate Club  (PAC)  traffic challenge.  During this challenge we were assigned certain tasks.  Such as finding issues effecting other bloggers then write an article abd publish it on Tuesday.  Share this writing  and comment on other sites. This leads me to comment hunting. What Is Comment hunting? This is where as a blogger you visit other sites, read an article, post… Read More

Recently I was at a concert, DEF LEPPARD, REO Speedwagon and Tesla this got me thinking why do we stand at certain events and sit for others? This concert was phenomenal!  The best performance I’ve ever seen both REO Speedwagon and Def Leppard put on. People were up out of their seats dancing, clapping, screaming I think you get the picture.  So why do we stand at some events and not others?… Read More

Are You Driving Traffic To Your Blog Or Sitting In A Traffic Jam?

You know that you must have an effective headline to drive traffic to your blog. Creating content worth keeping the readers attention is challenging.  Wade Harman    writes about blogging with great insight to the bloggers community and offers awesome tips to improve one’s traffic flow. Headlines using these five words can increase traffic to your blog site immediately.  #1 Curious Remember the saying “curiosity killed the cat”?   People are… Read More

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