3 Reasons Why Using Your Products Increase Your Bottom Line

Michael Hyatt says it best

We’re not being selfless when we avoid promoting our product. We’re just undercutting our own mission and creating an opportunity for someone else to take our place.

 As I connect with other network marketer’s I’ve found it more common that people are shy about using and sharing the products they endorse.

1. Belief In Yourself  Do you believe in yourself?   Do you know that you have the abilities to promote your company?

Most people will fail in network marketing because of doubt.  We must believe in our own abilities to sell whatever products people are looking for.

2. Developing Leadership Using and promoting your companies products helps you develope leadership skills.

Promoting and selling helps us to develop leadership skills.  As we communicate with other’s we are honing those skills needed to become a leader.  Look at the top ten sellers in your company.   How did they get where they Are?  They started at the bottom, learning, sharing and now finally the leaders they were destined to be.

3. Promoting Equals Money aren’t you into having a better life?  Why are you a network marketer? What made you believe in this opportunity? 

If we’re excited about something we share it with others.  A new resturant, new food,  new places and products.   Think about this most start up companies happened because one or two people got excited enough to tell one or two more and so on.

Did that make them crazy? No it means they were inspired, intrigued and wanted to share.

Sharing your products with others is the only way to build confidence. If we don’t share then who will?

Don’t miss out on an opportunity because your nervous or scared.  Learn to overcome those feelings and go for it.

Are you struggling with something?  Leave me a note I will help if I can.
Gain The Advantage, 

Alicia Osmera 

Competing  In A Traffic Challenge

During the last four weeks I have been involved in the Power Affiliate Club  (PAC)  traffic challenge. 

During this challenge we were assigned certain tasks.  Such as finding issues effecting other bloggers then write an article abd publish it on Tuesday.  Share this writing  and comment on other sites.

This leads me to comment hunting.

What Is Comment hunting?

This is where as a blogger you visit other sites, read an article, post a comment  and share.   Participating in this action helps drive traffic to your site because other bloggers may comment back and visit your site.  

For example while doing research for this article I came across an article titled,  How to Get Influencers by Brian Dean.

After reading this and leaving a comment I have now enteracted with someone I didn’t know.

The Purpose 

The purpose of participating in this challenge has been to increase my skills as a professional blogger.  To assist with increasing traffic flow to my blog site as well as reciprocating others. 

Links are important Using Blog Links is a great article instructing you how to link blogs together. 

Linking blog sites means that now when I publish a new post, my followers will get notifications  (if they’ve choosen that options)  in a much quicker time.

Has this traffic challenge worked? 

YES, Yes it has! My Alexa rankings have improved as well as I’ve had the opportunity to meet other bloggers.


I wrote about the Power Affiliate Club all the time.  I’m excited to have meet so many other bloggers, authors and writers which want to see other people succeed.  

During these last four weeks my blog site has attracted seven new followers,  increased my Alexia rankings and has been a while whole lot of fun.

Connect and engage with other bloggers.   Be adventurous,  go out on a limb, get out of the box. 

Has this been helpful to You?

Gain The Advantage, 

Alicia Osmera 

Standing, Sitting It’s A Choice 

Recently I was at a concert, DEF LEPPARD, REO Speedwagon and Tesla this got me thinking why do we stand at certain events and sit for others?

This concert was phenomenal!  The best performance I’ve ever seen both REO Speedwagon and Def Leppard put on.

People were up out of their seats dancing, clapping, screaming I think you get the picture. 

So why do we stand at some events and not others?

For instance the opera is a show but it seems to be forbidden to stand up during the show.  We sit down and stay sitting during the performance. 

Sports activities are a mixture of both.   We sit, stand,  sit, stand,  yell and cheer on our teams.  Why is this?

Why is it more acceptable to stand at these events than a church service?

  I know, I know unless your in a Catholic service there’s not much exercise going on.

Benefits Of Standing 

The average adult burns more calories while standing which involves more muscular contractions than sitting.

According to an article by Peak Fitness standing for one- fourth of your day significantly reduced your risk of obesity.

Standing for One-Fourth of Your Day Significantly Reduces Your Risk of Obesity!

Standing promoted physical health.  Within 90 seconds of standing up, the muscular and cellular systems that process blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol – are mediated by  insulin which activates all of these responses. 

Benefits Of Sitting 

There are many negative article and arguments suggesting that sitting is bad for our health.   Sitting can be good for health,  especially with the proper posture.

According to The Lazer Spine Institute the benefits of proper posture while sitting include

  1. Easier breathing 

  2. Healthier joints 
  3. Better concentration 

Which one is better?  

Many articles and research have been done in both subjects. I say stand when you need to and sit down when you need to.

Oh by the way standing and dancing for three hours can leave your body soar the next day.

Gain The Advantage, 

Alicia Osmera 


Are You Driving Traffic To Your Blog Or Sitting In A Traffic Jam?

I’ve been blogging for over three years now.  It wasn’t until a year ago that I started to become more serious. Getting noticed was hard.  Was it the content in my articles?  Was it the boaring words putting potential new readers to sleep? 

Pinpointing the problems wasn’t easy as a new blogger until I found a group called the Power Affiliate Club Becoming A PAC Expert Author has given me the opportunities to explore more topics, gain a better understanding of using certain techniques to gain more followers.

An article by PAC Founder and Expert Author Lesly Frederic, RN It’s Not Enough To Just Have A Blog brings things into focus for writing your blog.  In it she writes; 

You Already Have An Audience 

Surround yourself with the audience you develop because they like you and LIKE your personality.

I’ve learned alot from Lesly Frederic and the Power Affiliate Club authors and social media communities. Plugging into other blogging communities has changed my perspective on using long tail keywords as explained in this article by Robin Khokhar.  Another blogger who is making a difference. 

Plugging In

Plug yourself into other writing social media groups.  I know I talk alot about PAC, I must because of know one spreads the word how can a community grow. 

Another group is the Blogging Syndication Tribe on Facebook. 

This is a closed group and you must ask to join.  

In closing seek those who want to see you achieve success.  Hang with like minded people.  You’re not going to be liked by everyone.  I’m not liked by everyone.  That’s alright with me! 

I’d rather attract traffic to my site with people seeking to be coached infamy areas then be the top and biggest thing on the internet. 

Has this post helped you?

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Alicia Osmera 


Five Breakthrough Headline Words To Gain Traffic To Your Site

You know that you must have an effective headline to drive traffic to your blog.

Creating content worth keeping the readers attention is challenging. 

Wade Harman    writes about blogging with great insight to the bloggers community and offers awesome tips to improve one’s traffic flow.


Headlines using these five words can increase traffic to your blog site immediately. 

#1 Curious

Remember the saying “curiosity killed the cat”?   People are curious by nature.  There’s something about the need to know how, what and when things are happening. Sparking the readers attention is challenging;  however when the writer throws in certain words readers need to know more.

#2 How To 

Many topics are covered with these two words.  How to increase traffic,  build an email list, write an article, write an ebook.  Offer tips with content creating value and they will keep coming back for more.

One of my colleges and PAC Expert Author Joan Harrignton writes about How To Be More Focused.
#3 Free 

Free suggests you are giving them something.   A free Ebook, download to a topic your writing about.  

When given the choice weather to pay $.50 for an ebook or download then same thing for free which one would they choose?  Why free of course.  

#4 Breakthrough

For example science and technology headliners constantly show breakthrough.

Breakthrough in Nrf2 Science or Nrf2 Still Wondering Why You Need It which one stands out more?  

As a science geek I can tell you the first one.  I’m always looking for newest studies and research with a proven breakthrough.

And lastly #5 Numbers

The most popular numbers in headlines are 3, 5, 7, 9 and 13.

Numbers grab the readers attention!

Numbers spark interest, sending attention to key points you want the reader to know.

Traffic and engagement keep your blog exciting and fresh.  Comment on other blog sites and engage with the authors.  

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Alicia Osmera