Why Would You Ever Want A Mentor

What Is Mentorship?

According to Wikipedia

“Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.”

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Mentor?

“A good mentor is willing to encourage, uplift, help set career goals, and business goals, learn a new set of skills to further your career or personal goals… and honor your dreams …”

On June 13, 2015, I wrote an article on my blog titled Advice Of Your Mentor(s)”. One of my favorite mentors is Eric Worre (and still is). He has a great collection of CDs and his popular book “GO Pro” is available here, all worth a look if you’re interested.

Here’s why I like Eric Worre. He’s been in network marketing for over twenty-five years. At one convention he had an ‘aha’ moment that changed his life forever. At that event, he decided to Go Pro and become a Network Marketing expert. Since that time he has done just that by encouraging other network marketers to challenge themselves with obtaining every goal set. Through his book and CDs, thousands of people learn methods and techniques which they can use to see a change in the way they market themselves and the companies they represent.

I admire this man for speaking out and wanting to help struggling network marketers. He coaches people on the “seven steps” it takes to go pro. Eric’s wish is for you to decide to become a Network Marketing Professional. For you to truly Go Pro. Because it is a stone-cold fact that Network Marketing is a better way for generating financial security.

Lesly Federici, RN amazes me every day. She’s a Registered Nurse and the CEO and owner of the Power Affiliate Club. (Sadly, the PAC is no more).

She is warm and encouraging, yet stern, and challenges every PAC member to be the very best they can be with their blogging skills. Whether a newbie or an experienced blogger, Lesly Federici makes people feel welcome and comfortable to ask questions about blogging. She coaches members to develop professional skills in writing, and blog presentation.

So What’s In It For Them?

The answer I would hope is to help others succeed with whatever they are trying to achieve. Some mentors just believe that they are truly helping people and want to see them succeed.

Think of it as leaving a legacy for others. As a mentor, you get to leave a lasting mark on society with the knowledge and wisdom that you have passed down to another person or group of people. Mentors have a great advantage to change the world around them for the better.

Finding The Right Mentor

  1. Find the teacher who has achieved what you want. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish a good mentor can assist you with getting the results.
  2. Check out more than one person. Some people just don’t click. Just because one person said, “Hey how are you, I can mentor you”, doesn’t mean they are the right fit for you. Be persistent in your search for the right mentors. If your mentor isn’t open and communicating with you after several attempts go find someone else that is willing to take the time to appreciate you and your goals.

Be Prepared

Be teachable! There is nothing worse than someone who says they want help from a mentor and then they aren’t willing to do what it takes to achieve their main goals.

Be willing to try over and over again if that‘s what it takes to create your visions and dreams into a reality.

Offer value to the person you want to mentor you. Show them that you are teachable, willing to work together in a partnership, and learn from them.

Well, I hope this article has helped you in some way. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Gain The Advantage,

Alicia Osmera

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