4 Women Role Models I’ve Patterned My Life After

In today’s world there is so much chaos.  Women marching for what they call “oppressed women” here in the United States and the rest of the world.   From what I have been able to figure out these women who’ve started this march are not at all oppressed!

These  are women who have everything a person could want or need.  Million dollar homes, careers, credit, food, a roof over there heads, the freedom to marry whom they choose, able to obtain a credit card in their own name, buy a car, a home, etc all on their own.

 Oh and let’s not leave out that in the United States of America women could not vote until the 1970’s! VOTING! 

Which brings me to the top five women role models in my life.

5. Betsy Ross

Without Besty Ross and her patriotism for these thirteen colonies of the United States of America would there have been a flag? 

The Flag Of America And Betsy Ross stand for something.   

Betsy Ross herself was a humble seamstress creating a flag for the emerging nation is a treasured national legend.   

She inspires me because of her creativity and perseverance to complete a task inspire of all obstacle.

4. Esther 

Do you know the story of a little Jewish girl who grows up to become Queen of Persia and saves her people?

Esther was born  in 450 BC or there about.  Her journey started as becoming adopted by her cousin Mordichi.   Later she would come before King Ahasueurs of Persia as one of the many virgins of that time period only to be chosen and become the next queen of Persia. 

Her story is one of never ending faith in Jehova.  Her wisdom, patience and humbleness lead her to save thee Jewish people from extinction.

Patience, grace and perseverance was a testament of her life.

3. Katie Couric 

During high school I  wrote for the Aurora Central High School newspaper.  Researching stories, interviewing teachers and past alumni helped me turn writing into passion. Then I saw this strong, passionate outgoing women on the Today show.  Her name was Katie Couric.  At times she was soft spoken and other times her words were stern and harsh for some of those she was interviewing.  I wanted to be just like her.

I may not be a journalists; however  I am a published author of the book Terror In The North Tower.  Katie Couric along with the band Aerosmith and a few others are celebrity mentions.  The main reporter Sharline Pickles was created and fashioned after Katie herself.

Katie Couric always stay honest in your reporting and keep us smiling.

And lastly my number one pick is my mother Reverend Barbara Elizabeth Hickock Agnew. 

Born in Binghamton, New York on November 7, 1929 to Charles and Olga Hickock. She went of to college and received her bacholorets degree in Histology.  Later in Denver, CO she would meet my father Reverend Frank Roland Agnew. 

My mother taught me to always speak mind, poise in a room with grace, pray without ceasing.  She always said to me; ” Alicia no matter what happens in life always remember that Jesus Christ is on the throne and we serve a might God.  Never ever forget that I will always love you and that God will keep watch over you even when I’m gone”.

My mother passed away on June 21, 1993.

There were times when she would call me on the phone just to share a  new scripture she has learned that day.  Sometimes I would get so annoyed that she was calling.  Now I’d give anything just to hear her voice again.

Role Models 

I believe every person should have someone to look up to.  To cherish, love and be crazy with.

Do you have a role model?  Someone you pattern your life after?

Comments are welcome and as always

Gain The Advantage, 

Alicia Osmera 


Living A Life Of Unconditional LoveĀ 

What is unconditional love?  

Wikipedia defines unconditional love as affection without any limitations or love without conditions. 

Loving someone no matter what their faults are is challenging.  Christianity teaches us to love others in every situation.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 ESV / 322 helpful votes

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Patience now there is a word so misunderstood and misused.   I remember when I was a child my mother was always saying to me “You have no patience! You need to learn patience!”

So confusing as a child.  I always thought she ment I needed to become a doctor to have patients. 

When a situation arises that is out of our control do we handel it the best way possible?  

For example a loved one becomes critically ill, on lifesupport what can a person do?  Nothing! Praying, waiting being patient for the outcome.

Insisting on its own way 

Love sees through all things.  Never putting itself first. Compromising first before giving into another.  

Arguments occur between one another. That’s a given fact.  It’s how we respond during that moment weather in a soft spoken word or a harsh tone will reflect true love.

Releasing Emotions

What’s keeping you from living a life of unconditional love?  

Resentment, anger, hatred, the list goes on.  Find it in yourself to let them go.  Release those emotions, open up your soul, free yourself and you can begin to live a life of unconditional love.

Thought and comment are always welcome.

Gain The Advantage!

Alicia Osmera

Happy New Year 2017

Another year behind us and a new one lies infront of us.  I love new beginnings.  A new year brings us just that.

A chance to wipe the slate clean, pick ourselves up, moving forward into a bright new future.

I’m going to breakdown the meaning of all three words.


According to Google happy is a feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. 

How does one show a feeling?  A smile, a post with happy faces, babies, puppies, kittens a favorite teams win.  

When someone says; ” I just want you to be happy” what are they really saying?   Can we be happy without smiling, posting positve and uplifting sayings on social media?

I’ve learned to be content with my life just the way it is.  I may not have big fancy houses, top of the make in motor vehicles and all the material things that people associate with “happiness”.  What I do have is a loving husband, children, grandchildren, family and friends.  That makes me rich in happiness.


New is defined by Google dictonary as not exsiting before; made; introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.

Every day brings a new beginning. It is up to us to make it count.


Merriam Webster defines year as

a :  the period of about 3651/4 solar days required for one revolution of the earth around the sunb :  the time required for the apparent sun to return to an arbitrary fixed or moving reference point in the skyc :  the time in which a planet completes a revolution about the sun <two Mercury years>

The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it. -Plutarch

How will you use this year to your advantage? 

I wish you all a healthy, positive, prosperious 2017!

As always…..

Gain The Advantage,

Alicia Osmera