My beautiful mother Barbara Hickock Agnew.


There are all different names for mothers, Mom, Mamma, Mother, Ma, Mum. What makes a mom so special? Is it the fact that she bring life into this world, then does her very best to guide, coach, educate, love and show forgiveness to her children?

Let’s not forget the other women whom are raising children, step mothers. Step Mothers are just as important as mothers. They love their step children just as if they had carried them for nine months and given birth.

Some Top TV Mom’s

Can you name these Famous TV Mom’s? Take this quiz see if your right.

Mother’s Day is May 14, 2017

Make your mom something special. Gifts from the heart and love are more special than store bought. Yea right! My kids are grown now. I want gifts from the store like the Keurig, jewelry, family photos and more!!

Here’s a link for Free Stuff For Mom and discounts.

Moms we wouldn’t be here without Them!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Gain The Advantage,

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