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Welcome to my first in a series called “Respiratory Round Up. Twenty seven years ago I became a Respiratory Therapist. When I was a child I can remember my own hospital stays with asthma. The ones who seemed to take the most time with me were the respiratory therapist. I thought it would be unique to ask a group of Respiratory Therapist some questions and publish a round up. Your probably scratching… Read More

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Have you ever wondered how the months got their names? I thought it would be fun to start the year off with an informational post. HISTORY LESSON ■ How did the months get there names ■ What is the Gegorian calander? ■ How many different calanders are there? The ancient Romans used a different calendar system that began with March and ended in February. Although the Romans used a short calendar they… Read More

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Anger, denial, depression and frustration doesn’t even begin to explain emotions when a person is suddenly let go from their job. When your first hired emotions run high.   Excitement, joy, scared, are just some of the emotions you can feel when taking on a new challenge in your career.    How do I know this?  Because after a four year hiatus from my chosen career path as a Respiratory Therapist I landed… Read More

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Last year was such a challenging year for me, both personally and professionally. I’m so ready to move onto the new ventures of success in 2018. Finding Purpose  After a four year absence from my chosen profession of Respiratory Therapy,  I thought I had found my way back into it for good.  That was until I lost my job right before Christmas.    Now faced with another challenge of looking for another way… Read More

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