Best Types of Comedians to Hire

I love going to comedy shows. Picking the type of comedian to see that’s another story.

Nothing livens up an event like that of the comedy stylings of stand-up comedians. There is no one-size-fits-all comedy style for every setting. The type of comedian sought is dependent upon the venue and audience.  Here, we will break down some of the popular types of comedians to hire for your next event.


There are always comedians that will focus on the political state of affairs in the country. Comedians that fit in this genre create material that is aimed at making fun of politicians or political viewpoints held by themselves or others.  Ranker rates the best political comedy specials.


Everyone loves a good story. Storytelling comedians spin entertaining and comical representations of events that they or others have experienced.

One of my favorite story telling comedians is Jim Gaffigan.  Oh the stories he tells.


Looking to generate laughs based on shock value, offensive comedians aim to take a politically incorrect stand. These comedians may be overtly sexual, racial, or political.


These comedians have sets that consist of a non-stop rant against any and everything they see. The outrageous candor of these comedians generates laughter based on their tone and expression.  One of my favorite angry comedians had always been George Carlin

George Carlin left us in 2008. R.I.P. George.


Intellectual in their approach, the observational comedian, looks deeply into the essence of the things they joke about in their sets. These humorous researchers are as informative as they are funny.


Comedians that practice misdirection play on people’s expectations, they then state the exact opposite of what the audience is expected. The set up is typical, and the follow up is unexpected.


These laid-back comedians come across as if they don’t feel as if what they are saying is funny. The outcome, however, results in hilarity. Often melancholy and cool, these comedians play on their lackadaisical approach.


Much like the offensive comedian, the absurd comedian thrives on being blatantly outrageous and illogical. Also known as surreal comedy, this comedy style thrives on intentional violations of causal reasoning.

Andrew Dice Clay

Back in the 1980’s Andrew Dice Clay was know to be raunchy, absurd and rude, all while his sex appeal had the ladies screaming for more.


This genre describes comedians that use props in their stand-up comedy acts. Props include anything that a comedian uses as a visual effect to assist with their set. The use of props is intended to elicit laughter in the audience.


The realm of stand-up comedy is often racy and explicit. The clean comic creates comedy acts that are intended for family enjoyment. Free from offensive language and subject matter, clean comedians may used other forms of comedy to generate laughter Christians comedians have made this genre popular.  One of my all time favorites is Chonda Pierce.

Her humor about the ups and downs of life contagious.


Musical comedians us the art of music to dually entertain their audiences. These performers are usually gifted singers or musicians that sing songs or play instruments during their stand-up comedy sets.


If you are looking to book a comedian for your next event, keep in mind the nature of your event. You also need to keep the age, temperament, and expectations of your audience. Since many comedians have content that may be offensive and off-putting to others, you want to make sure the content of the comedy act will resonate with the type of audience that will be in attendance.

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