Intellifluence A New Way To Connect Your Businesses With Consumers

I found an opportunity that fits my personality and my niche. Intellifluence is an easy way to build relationships, and increase your blog or company’s awareness and also sales.

A few months ago I was web surfing for “work from home” opportunities and came across Intellifluence. After much research, I signed up. Companies are always looking for people to review their products and share them with the masses. The internet has changed the way businesses market their products.

How Does Intellifluence Work?

Using Intellifluence allows your company to communicate directly with interested consumers, acting as the influencer. Most of the companies using this website are small businesses. The bottom lines are tight and marketing products is a challenge. Their pricing is reasonable with many options. One can cancel at any time without a penalty.

What Companies Work With Intellifluence?

All kinds of companies from Newair, Reedsy, Simply Earth, and companies in need of review bloggers.

Becoming An Influencer

Once the decision is made to become an influencer click the join button and get started. I’ve made it easy for you by clicking my intellifluence link.

Getting Free Stuff and Getting Paid

What? Did I really just read that? Yes, yes you did. The beauty of this website are some of the free sample items, and some items the collaborator needs to pay for; however, they get to keep it after a review.

As a blogger, certain companies pitch their ideas along with the payment amount. Should you accept my advice, set up a Zelle Pay or a Venmo account for receiving payments. It’s better to be secure when it comes to your money.

Yes, I have made a few dollars and will continue my journey as an influencer. Whatever your decision I wish you all the success.

Gain The Advantage,

Alicia Osmera

2 Comments on “Intellifluence A New Way To Connect Your Businesses With Consumers

  1. Hi Alicia,
    I was interested in your article about connecting businesses with consumers. I had not heard of intellifluence before. Now I have. I would be able to tell others about it who are interested in getting their small businesses in front of influencers. Sharing on social.

    • Hi Kathie,

      I have two articles on my blog that I’ve actually gotten paid to write. All from Intellifluence hook ups. One is about and the other is how to find a comedian. Give it a try. Thanks for your comment

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