Monthly Archives: June 2020

“72 kinds of magik. Pokemon covers all forms. All magik types fall into five areas (earth, wind, fire, water, ice). Each of these elements corresponds to a ritual item used in sacrifice #PokemonMagik”. Another great article by Cathy Fox Blog reveals the deception about Pokemon and the occult meaning behind it. I share this with you, because our children and grandchildren, heck even adults are getting swept into this craze. Please stay… Read More

I can’t believe that five years ago today I started writting my first blog post. Mindset was short, a very short article. As I look back at all that I’ve written I can see the growth in my writting style and the messages I’m trying to send out to my readers. Favorite Article I really don’t know if I have one. I enjoy writting and I hope to continue this for a… Read More

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