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Lahaina is considered one of the most expensive places in the world. TheLahaina Fire is an attack conducted by their police dept & government officials. The more I’ve dug into this, the more sinister the story is becoming.

Hawaiian government officials are controlled puppets by the [DS] cabal — connect to CIA, UN, Gates Foundation, Bilderberg & Davos group. Many know that there’s a media blackout of a 12 mile range around the city. They do not want The People to leak out the truth of what’s happening.

No one is missing. They are dead — burnt alive. Over 1000 are dead. This was 1000% a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) attack by drones — along with arson.

BA-AL (Barium & Aluminum) chemtrails were sprayed to create intense heat & radiation microwaves — to produce super high heat, activated by 5G towers. Hawaii has dark [DS] puppet officials & they heavily enforced the vaccine agenda. Many Hawaiians were jabbed with nano-particles — connect 5G, chemtrails, DEW, the radiation & heat. This created an active microwave & anything anything metal inside a microwave — explodes. This is how cars, metal & car rims were melted, which need extreme heat to do so. The weaponization of 5G will be coming out. The usage of 5G in Lahaina will be exposed.

Smart cars were used as bombs. Cars with full tanks of gas were strategically placed also explode like bombs. The power was not shut down & transformers exploded. Road were closed down & police added barricades & road blocks to prevent People from leaving. Warning sirens were turned off through the city & island. The water was intentionally shut off by water official Kaleo Manuel — who was ordered not to release water. He just resigned.

All donations to help Lahaina community are being blocked on social media & payment platforms. Instead [DS] donations are being set up to steal the money again — like Obama asking for help. This money will never go towards the residences.

The motive is also a land grab as Maui is a destination for their smart ’15-minute’ city, but the locals have refused to sell their land. They have been using ‘celeb puppets’ like Oprah to purchase massive acres of Maui. The fires only burned in the local & working areas — where they did not want to sell the land, but not where the rich & wealthy lived at.

Maui & Hawaii is also another hub for pedophile rings, human & child trafficking — being an island in the middle of no where is a perfect place as a hub.

HORROR: Charred Remains of ‘Entire Families’ Found Huddled Together in Maui Homes; Morgues Run Out of Body Bags

Maui’s Emergency Operations Chief Resigns Amid Controversy Over Failure to Sound Lifesaving Sirens During Deadly Wildfire – Cites “Health Reasons”

The Lahaina Maui Fire has every trait of a ‘False Flag’

The honolulu mayor is rolling out vaQ passports

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Human Hunting

I am sharing another article from Sisters of The Light for informational purposes.

If you have time, this is worth reading.

Warning: The Elites, Ministers, Evangelist, Judges, Presidents and VP mentioned will make you sick.

Everything happening right now is to hide the truth from the people of the world.  These people are EVIL AND SADISTIC!!!

The mind control they place children under is sick.  

We must ban together and stay strong and keep hitting these elites and celebrities where it hurts. THE TRUTH!

Our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren depend on it.

Not a read for children!

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