Happy 303 Day Colorado

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I found out today that this is Denver’s 14th annual 303 Day.


I’m a Colorado native.  Born and raised in this beautiful and majestic state.  I never knew celebrating Denver’s first area code was an actual thing.

Celebrations are happening all across Colorado. 

Below, I’ve linked my favorite five articles of celebrations and how Colorado got it’s first area code.

Using the  DuckDuckGo browser, I came across Uncover Colorado .  I never knew that this newsletter, magazine was a great resource for all things Colorado.  Mind Blowing!

Flyer for Channel 93.3’s 303 Day celebration at Mission Ballroom. Photo by: Channel 93.9

Westword Magazine has a whole article on Celebrate the 303 From Crocks to Cannabis.  It’ a very interesting article to read.  I suggest that you take the time to look it over, and see if there’s anything new to learn about Denver, Colorado.

Did you know that Colorado had a 303 Magazine?  No, me either.  I signed up today and will be getting their newsletter of all the great information and things to do in Denver and Colorado. 

One of Colorado’s oldest newspapers The Denver Post, has written an article by their arts and entertainment reporter, John Wenzel titled, How to celebrate Denver’s 303 Day? With live music, food, and drink deals.

As promised, Colorado got it’s 303 area code back in 1947.  The 303 area code is used primarily for Denver and its surrounding suburbs. It was one of the first 86 original numbering plan areas (NPAs) created in 1947 when AT&T introduced direct distance dialing to every major city in America.

Then in 1988 it was split up into two other parts 719 and 970, then again in 1995 the area code 720 was added.

All in all, I think celebrating area code 303 is an awesome thing to celebrate. After all, it was my original area code until 2002, when I got a new cell phone. I was sad like Carrie Bradshaw was in the Sex and The City movie scene where she had to get a new area code.

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