A Tribute To Blinky’s Fun Club

Back when I was a child we had a show on our local KWGN TV station called Blinky’s Fun Club. Blinky was played by the beloved Russell Glenn Scott.

Russell Glenn Scott passed away on August 27, 2012. Known to most of us Denver and Colorado kids as Blinky The Clown, and according to Wikipedia, he was an American clown and television personality, and presenter.

When I was just three years old my mother took me to be on Blinky’s show. I was featured in the “Birthday” section where he would sing the “Happy Birthday” song to the children on the set. I have fond memories of being on the set and how happy he made all the children when they were there.

After we returned home my mother had received a phone call that the studio had connections and they were in search of the next Shirley Temple. For those of you too young to remember her, she was Hollywood’s number one box office draw as a child actress from 1935 – 1938. I was angry with my mother for many years when I got older for not letting me pursue an “acting” career.

When my boys Chris and Kevin Osmera were four and three I took them to the Blinky’s Fun Club show so they could have the same childhood experience that I did being on the show. I did have the privilege of being pulled from the audience and getting to sing with a few other moms “Hit The Road Jack” on television. I had a blast performing in front of the television and will never forget that experience.

I was upset with my mother for the longest time. I now realize she did what she did to protect me from a sometimes cruel and vial industry. Granted there are good things that do come out of the entertainment industry; however, as of lately more of the ugliness has been shown to surface than the glitz and glamour.

Many things from my childhood are now fading away or leaving this earth for a better place but I will always remember getting up in the mornings, getting ready for school, and eating breakfast watching the late great Blinky The Clown!

RIP Russell Glenn Scott – AKA Blinky The Clown

Gain The Advantage,

Alicia Osmera