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I Wrote A Book


The journey that lead me to writing comes from a deep passion for reading and writing.

I started writing this book in 2011 after getting laid off from my job with a DME (Durable Medical Equipment ) company.   After twenty something years in the medical field as a licensed respiratory therapist. 

What does a respiratory therapist do?

Respiratory Therapist are important to patients that have trouble breathing.  Lung diseases like Asthma,  Emphysema,  COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)just to name a few.  The main responsibilities are to keep patients breathing.  From a nebulizer treatment, Bipap or Cpap machines to being a major part in a persons care in the intensive care unit.
In the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) they are the people you want monitoring the ventilator that’s keeping your lungs breathing.


Now where was I?  Oh that’s right I was telling you about my journey to writing my first book ,  Terror In The North Tower.  One day I sat down and just started typing on the computer.  Words just seemed to flow onto the page.  Then after about six months they stopped.  All in all it took me a year to write this work of art.  Writing wasn’t that hard, it was finding a publisher I could afford.

Publisher’s cost money! 

Zondervan, Xulon Press are just a few that I checked into.  Oh yes, we can help you publish your book but it’s going to cost xxx dollars.  Where was I going to get that kind of money?  Finally after four years I had the opportunity to meet Monna Ellithorpe .  She is a member and co founder of the Power Affiliate Club PAC and a published author herself. 

What an amazing experience it has been working with her to make my words actually come to life.  Publishing first on Kindle by Amazon.com then paperback will follow soon thereafter.

What’s the book about?

A murder mystery, love story with a twist the reader won’t see coming.  This story’s main theme is about respiratory therapist in the hospital setting.  Many books are written with the doctor or nurse being the villlian.  Now I want to make something very clear.  This fictional thriller is just that.   Fiction!!!

I love my profession as well as my peers and the men and women that have a passion for seeing others well.

Terror In The North Tower releases on Saturday May 28, 2016.  Get The Book Here

My hope is  that the person reading this blog post will order the book, read it, share this article and spread the word.