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Becoming a Power Affiliate Club Author


My journey to becoming a PAC Author started about a year ago.  What is the PAC Community?  The PAC (Power Affiliate Club) Community  is a welcoming website where writer’s and blogger’s can come to learn how to write more effectively, develop new blogging skills, meet other fellow blogger’s from everywhere in the world.

Have you always wanted to have a place on the internet that served as a public “About Me” or ‘Business Card” where people could find out more about you at a glance? Especially on a community website where readers are visiting from all over the world?

Becoming a “TOP PAC’r” allows you to:

  • Create a spectacular “About Me Page”
  • Promote your personal website and affiliate links
  • Write articles
  • Create a training program
  • Post videos
  • Increase your visibility online

The Power Affiliate Club was started by Lesly Federici and Monna Ellithorpe.  Together they have collaborated with other writers and bloggers to make this unique opportunity available to others.  

I have learned how to make my blog more effective and efficient for my readers and followers through their training and patients.  There are many ideas on this website to give a person a creative edge above the rest when it comes to “writer’s block” on what and when to post to a blog.

Other Author’s include; Donna Merrill, Joy Healey, Barry Evans and more.  Are you looking for a way to improve your blog?  Gain more knowledge with writing?  

Then I suggest you check it out today.  Click the link at the top of my page and it will take you right to it.  

Gain The Advantage!