Yesterday I finally sat down to watch this epic movie Shindler’s List.

Finding it to a powerful film with telling the true story of the persecution and hatred the Jewish people endured during World War II.

This period of history is known as The Holocaust.  In 1933 a man known as Adolph Hitler came into power.  Chancellor over the German people.  Hating the Jewish people so much he wanted to see them extinct. 

Oskar Schindler was a German born business man that is credited with saving the lives of 1000 Jews.  

As I sat and watched this movie many emotions were going through my mind.  To this day I will never understand how one man could hate so much to have ordered the extinction of one race.   

Why were the Jewish people hated and feared so much?  They were peaceful, hard working, loving, giving people.  They were hated by Hitler and the higher authority because one man was so evil he could speak of hate and people listened and obeyed.  

Six million Jews lost there lives during the holocaust period.  Held in concentration camps, forced into slave labor, watching the horror as there own family members, friends and neighbors were mercellessly killed by an incinerator. Burned to death by cremation.  

First as your watching Shindler’s list you think to yourself; ” Oh look it’s snowing”.  Look closer at the flakes coming down.  The air and streets were filled with the ashes and bones of innocently murdered people.

Liem Nissen plays the character Oskar Schindler.  A German entrepreneur who seeks to employ as many Jews as he can to keep them from being sent to concentration camps.   I won’t give away the movie but I will say this, powerful acting by all the actors kept me on the edge of my seat.  Mixed emotions of fear, hate, joy and more.

Watch and learn from this movie. I admire the fact that one man stepped up to the plate knowing it could cost him his life to save just a few of the Jewish people. 

Many other stories of heroic measure during a horrible time have been told.  May God bless those families that still survive and of those that helped protect and save the chosen ones.

Gain The Advantage, 

Alicia Osmera