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Hiding From Your Dreams


Have you been hiding from your dreams?

When you were younger you had dreamsDreams of going to college, obtaining a degree, getting married and starting a family or maybe starting your own business?  Whatever your dreams are or were  it’s not to late to achieve them.

For example — 

I dreamed of going to Oral Roberts University to study music or medicine.   Instead I met my husband in high school,  got married and raised a family.   My focus changed by choosing a career in respiratory therapy.  I was still doing something in the medical field with a rewarding feeling, being able to help  save lives and educate others about health and wellness.



Now my dreams are changed.  My first book is about to be published, becoming an active entrepreneur to live life on my own terms.  Work when I want, where I want.   To help other’s dreams of success become a reality that is my new dream and  together we will GAIN THE ADVANTAGE!

Money, Grabbing, Greedy, Monster Suckers they take it all!

Money, Grabbing, Greedy, Monster Suckers they take it all!


Bills, food, rent, a mortgage,  utilities,  entertainment,  clothes,  sports,  and whatever else the money grabbing, greedy, monster suckers feel they can take.

I was so angry thinking today about how much my parents paid for necessities and entertainment  when I was a child in the 1970’s.   My mother had the privilege of being able to stay home to raise me.   A one income family and yet they still seemed to have money for extras in life.

According to In The the cost of:
Bread was 0.24, now $2.29.
Gas was 0.40, now $1.95 average
Car’s median purchase price $2,500.00, now $25,000.00
House costs $40,000.00, now $245,000.00
The average income was $8,900.00, now $25,000 – $54,3000 depending on the family incomes.

What needs to change?


I have found myself asking this very questions lately.
Are we better off today then we were five,  ten even fifteen years ago?  We were until I lost my great paying job as a Respiratory Therapist and discovered I was burned out after twenty some years in the  field.   I’ve tried other opportunities from selling home security systems to temporary assisgnments from employment agencies.

The loss of one income is hard to handle, let alone families lose two good incomes.  Yes that’s happened!
Now my husband is trying to get disability after working for the City of Aurora for over ninteen years.


I found my opportunity with the only company that is a one of a kind, scientific research breakthrough and it’s changing lives!

People are always going to be septicale about network marketing.   It’s finding the right people that are open to making a trail blazing change in their lives and the lives of their families.

Change Is Good

Why are you working in that job?  Why are you wearing those clothes,  driving the car you do?
Are you satisfied with your life?
Seeking a challenging and rewarding change?

Network marketing paid out over $163,000,000.00 last year!  If that doesn’t spark an interesting conversation I don’t know what will.

Don’t be afraid of changing things because that one change might just lead you to the best things to happen in your life.

Gain The Advantage!

Becoming a Power Affiliate Club Author


My journey to becoming a PAC Author started about a year ago.  What is the PAC Community?  The PAC (Power Affiliate Club) Community  is a welcoming website where writer’s and blogger’s can come to learn how to write more effectively, develop new blogging skills, meet other fellow blogger’s from everywhere in the world.

Have you always wanted to have a place on the internet that served as a public “About Me” or ‘Business Card” where people could find out more about you at a glance? Especially on a community website where readers are visiting from all over the world?

Becoming a “TOP PAC’r” allows you to:

  • Create a spectacular “About Me Page”
  • Promote your personal website and affiliate links
  • Write articles
  • Create a training program
  • Post videos
  • Increase your visibility online

The Power Affiliate Club was started by Lesly Federici and Monna Ellithorpe.  Together they have collaborated with other writers and bloggers to make this unique opportunity available to others.  

I have learned how to make my blog more effective and efficient for my readers and followers through their training and patients.  There are many ideas on this website to give a person a creative edge above the rest when it comes to “writer’s block” on what and when to post to a blog.

Other Author’s include; Donna Merrill, Joy Healey, Barry Evans and more.  Are you looking for a way to improve your blog?  Gain more knowledge with writing?  

Then I suggest you check it out today.  Click the link at the top of my page and it will take you right to it.  

Gain The Advantage!