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Cyber Monday How did we ever get along from one Christmas to the next without using a computer to shop? I remember going shopping as a child with my mother.   The sights, the sounds, the wonderful smells and music.   Have we missed something in all the hustle of the internet?  Does shopping online give us the same gratification as it did when we were children? This year November 2015 retailers… Read More

Of course everyone is blogging about what they are thankful, or grateful for on Thanksgiving. We have all been taught that this is the day the Pilgrims and the Indians sat down to give thanks for everything that was produced in the harvest that year. However it makes me wonder were the Indians really that happy to share a meal with the Pilgrams? If one stops to think about the time back… Read More

Two weeks ago I attended one of the most amazing conventions I have ever been to. Two keynote speakers you probably know very well, Mel Robbins and Eric Worre. Both great motivational speakers as well as telling it, straight and to the point. Usually I would pack my bag and take it as carry on. The one time I decided to do something different what happens? I asked one of my business… Read More

That’s it, I’m done with all this “network marketing” junk! Family, friends, co workers they all let me down. No one believes me anyway so I might as well be done! I’m just going to stay here in my comfortable little world and be miserable along with everyone else I know. Sound familiar? Working outside one’s comfort zone is hard. Without the proper support from other’s in network marketing, having a positive… Read More

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