Surviving 24 Hours In A Purse

Two weeks ago I attended one of the most amazing conventions I have ever been to. Two keynote speakers you probably know very well, Mel Robbins and Eric Worre. Both great motivational speakers as well as telling it, straight and to the point.

Usually I would pack my bag and take it as carry on. The one time I decided to do something different what happens? I asked one of my business associates if he would take my luggage home with him to Denver, CO and I would just get it from him on Monday. The next day I got to the Phoenix airport was ready to check in for my flight and then find out that instead of it just being delayed; they cancelled the flight. There wasn’t much I could do under the circumstances. The airlines booked me onto another airline for the experiance next day and put me up in a hotel for the night. Yes I was upset at first that I couldn’t get home to my husband and grandkids; however I used this time as a learning experience to network and grow as a person.

The only thing I had with me was my purse!! Thank God for that. I’d have been really screwed without it. At least I had the common sense that God gave me to pack my toothbrush and toothpaste, makeup and my Protandim and three AXIO ‘s in it. I also packed my tablet in my purse so I could do some work.

Okay I know what you’re thinking, What did she sleep in? Well that’s not something you need to know.

The next day I got to the airport, got through security and finally onto my plane. Yippy I was going home.

Not so fast, I’m afraid to say. After a two-hour delay on the tarmac, due to some fuel problems they needed to clear up. Finally we were on our way home to Denver, CO.

I did have the pleasure of meeting Denver Radio Show Host and The Denver Nuggets Announcer, Mr. Irv Brown.

Surviving one trip home with only a purse wasn’t that bad 🙅. It’s better with my luggage in hand; however I learned to overcome the situation, adapt to my situation and make new friends and connections.

Apply skills you know to your everyday life and when you face certain situations learn to overcome them.

Gain The Advantage!

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