Last month I published my first article for the Power Affiliate Club as an Expert Author. At first I thought I had everything perfect and I submitted my article for review before publishing.

Lesly Federici the editor was gracious, caring and loving for advice with making all the right tweaks for obtaining the perfected product.

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Powering through — all the necessary corrections and revisions was wearing me down. I was so agitated and angry at myself that I felt like giving up. I did not quit! I kept on pursuing the end goal. What was the end goal, your asking? To become more proficient at writing a blog, attracting new readers to my site, engagement with others.
Taking the necessary steps

  • Decision – deciding what to write about was hard for me at first. I don’t want to become “another one of those bloggers” stigma types. I choose to write about RAISE THE BAR OF YOUR POSTS WITH PICTURES .
  • Taking The Journey – I was excited and ready to share what I had written. Then Lesly Federici in her loving and caring way would guide me towards focusing my attention to little details such as wording, learning how to master writing skills and more.
  • FOCUSED – Oh sure I was discouraged at times. Once I was so mad at myself I wanted to throw in the towel. The rewriting, and rewriting, deleting, and adding more became overwhelming at times. Becoming an expert author was everything I had worked so hard for in 2015.

I had to stay FOCUSED!
Finally Success!
Finally I achieved my end goal. The finished product was now worthy to be published on the PAC website. Lesey Federici had this to say:
“From the Editor,
This is Alicia’s first published article on the PAC Community Blog! After many drafts we finally have a finished post. What’s important to note here is PAC helps new bloggers, as well as seasoned ones, to hone their blogging skills. Writing is a big one to master – if it ever is. It’s an ongoing skill that is constantly revisited and explored. PAC gives new bloggers, like Alicia, the opportunity to enhance their writing skills, experience as a blogger and what’s involved, and writing for the PAC Community Blog. We all start somewhere and we only get better at what we do through experience. Congratulations Alicia! We look forward to more posts from you!
Lesly Federici “

The little voice inside my head said, “Hey You! Give UP! Quit!”
Focusing all my energy to having an awesome published product was hard.
Moving toward the goal was worth the struggle, the tears and the sweat. I gained so much more in the end. Seeing my idea and words come to life on a page with a final finished version.

As Always,
Gain The Advantage!
Alicia Osmera



  1. I’m glad you didn’t give up your blog layout is beautiful. I know the feeling I’ve felt it many times but I keep plugging.. Thanks for the share.

  2. One thing you did was to DO. That is the most important thing Alicia. You would not let anything stop you and those qualities shine through. Well done. You will evolve and improve as time passes that’s for sure.

  3. I, too, am glad you did not give up, Alicia!

    You’re not a quitter! I know it can be very challenging and frustrating at times, but blogging is a skill that can be learned! You are excellent proof of that. 🙂

    I look forward to watching your progress and seeing you reach heights that right now you are just dreaming of.

    You can do it! You are doing it!


  4. Oh my Alicia LOL, I got a big smile reading this … and we still have work to do but I can see how you’re writing has improved. YOU ARE an inspiration to others! Imagine all the writer “wanna-be’s” and never do what you did. Learning new skills is not a death sentence, it just makes you smarter and gives you an edge – so important if you’re an online blogger. People will actually tell you about your spelling and grammar mistakes! I am really honored and touched by your feedback .. believe me, my writing used to be really bad, and someone did the same to me. So. I understand and appreciate you. Thank you 🙂

  5. I am so pleased you didn’t give up Alicia. Your post was superb and next time you’ll find it easier. Going through the process with Lesly likely means you learned more than others do in years.

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