5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I actually got this idea from my fellow PAC community members K Lee Banks a wonderful writer, freelance consultant who’s insight into the world helps benefit others.

1. Married To My Wonderful Husband David J Osmera. 

Dave and I met back in high school. We have three kids and eight grandchildren.  On March fifth Dave and I will be celebrating our thirty fifth wedding anniversary. 

2. Faith, Family and Freedom 

My parents always taught me Jesus first.  Faith in God will sustain one through every challenge in life. 

Family will always be family! No matter what happens in life you can’t change who your family is. Granted some families are spread far apart; however they would still defend and sit right by each other no matter what. 

Freedom! Not much more can be written about this word.  Never let anyone threaten to take away your freedom.

3. Published Author 

Terror In The North Tower came as a result of my passion for respiratory therapy and patient care.   This suspenseful fictional thriller will have you gripping the edge of your seat. 
4. Harley Davidson Motorcycle Mamma

Riding there’s something about the open air, moving fast with a vibration under your butt!

Dave and I own a 1997 Harley Davidson Softail.  Last year we didn’t get much riding in due to both of his hips getting replaced. 

 Getting older doesn’t mean one has to stop riding.  They make big wheels for adults it’s called a trike. Trikes are the new big wheels! 

5.  My Favorite Band Is?

I will give you a few minutes to guess.  I first saw this great American Iconic band in 1977.  I fell in love right away with there stage presence, they way their lead singer could hit those high notes.  Not to mention how sexy he was and sit is with those scarves on the long microphone stand.

Have you guessed yet?

Yep that’s them. The ultimate band of all time! 

My bucket list includes getting to meet Steven Tyler and jam just one song with him.
Well that’s my five things.  I hope you enjoyed the article.

Gain The Advantage, 

Alicia Osmera

6 Comments on “5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. Hi Alicia,

    Good to learn a little more about you. You’re so lucky to have had 35 happy years with Dave. Well, I guess there’s no luck about it. A good marriage takes hard work. Many more years to you both.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark


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