Traveling Abroad 

I haven’t been to many exotic places in my travels.  Never been outside the United States Of America either.

My most memorable trip was when we took our then fourteen year old daughter, Nicole Osmera with us to Gulfport Florida for the fourth of July.

This is a time I will forever cherish.  Swimming in the ocean blue waters, and making sand castles.  The Fourth of July parade and fireworks overlooking the ocean.  Instead of being the dreaded teenager, she was pleasant to get along with and actually had conversations with us.

We haven’t had the luxury of taking a cruise or  traveling internationally. However we have traveled thorough out Colorado fishing, motorcycle riding and whatever else why felt like doing.

One day I plan to travel to Israel to see where Jesus walked, swim in the Dead Sea, pray at the Wailing  Wall and eat good food.

I hope you have had a great traveling adventure in your life.  If not maybe one day soon.

Gain The Advantage, 

Alicia Osmera


2 thoughts on “Traveling Abroad 

  1. Hi Alicia,

    Enjoyed your Gulfport, FL story. She didn’t go teenager on you, huh? Funny. Fishing and cycling in Colorado sounds pretty damn good to me!

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